Morton’s Neuromas

Neuroma is another common condition we see in the office. A neuroma is a benign tumor of a nerve, however, a Morton’s neuroma is not actually a tumor, but a thickening of the tissue around the nerve that leads to your toes. Patients usually complain of burning pain in the ball of the foot that may radiate into the toes. The pain usually gets worse with activity.


In the office, we obtain x-rays to rule out stress fractures and arthritis in the toes. Your clinical exam may include palpation of the web space to try to replicate your symptoms. Conservative treatment may include a change in footwear, custom foot orthotics, or injection of a corticosteroid medicine. If conservative treatment does not relieve your symptoms, surgical options included resecting a small portion of the nerve and releasing the surrounding tissue around the nerve. Overall, the surgical option provides excellent outcomes with a short recovery period.

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