Dr. Paul Ruesch, MD

Dr. Paul Ruesch, MD

Dr. Paul Ruesch attended medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and is a Board Certified, Fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon.


Dr. Ruesch specializes in Sports Medicine and the Arthroscopic treatment of knee and shoulder injuries. He specifically excels in meniscus repair, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, and shoulder instability procedures. Dr. Ruesch is confident in treating arthritis of the shoulder, knee and hip from a joint preserving and replacing perspective. He is also experienced in treating fractures and musculoskeletal injuries.


Prior to relocating to Oregon, Dr. Ruesch practiced at Orthopedics Indianapolis in Kokomo, Indiana, where he served as Chief of Surgery for St. Joseph Hospital. Dr. Ruesch was also involved with the care of professional hockey teams, the orthopedic coverage of Big Ten Women’s Basketball, and the World Police and Fire games.


Dr. Ruesch is on staff at Providence Milwaukie Hospital, Mount Hood Medical Center, and East Portland Surgery Center.


Away from the operating room, Dr. Ruesch enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, bike riding, and water sports.

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